White Glass Coach

A stunning vehicle finished in white and trimmed in gold, this fully enclosed coach can be used in all but the very worst of weather at any time of  the year. The interior is trimmed in rich burgundy and gold tapestry’s and seats up to six passengers. A further two passengers have seating on a rear external seat and the coach is attended by a driver and assistant both dressed in elegant matching top hat and tails. Drawn by a pair of magnificent coach horses, the entire ensemble is presented to the highest standard.   

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Open Barouche Carriage

Be seen in this elegant carriage, the summer carriage of choice for aristocracy the the world over, both in our past and in our present. Seating up to eight passengers and drawn by a pair of fine carriage horses, a driver and assistant are dressed in top hat and tails, the entire presentation is immaculately turned out for your special day.

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 Formal Black Landau Carriage

For those Brides that would like a formal black carriage, this is the carriage for you, the Landau Carriage can seat up to six passengers in the cab section which can at a moments notice be enclosed by a folding double hood should wet weather make a surprise visit on your special day. A further two passengers can be seated on a rear external seat (conditions apply).
Drawn by a pair of horses, it will contrast beautifully with the often white bridal dresses in photographs.


This is also the ideal carriage to accompany our Hearse at a funeral as the main 

cortège vehicle following the hearse.


Pretty Victoria Carriage

The smallest of our formal style Carriages, seating up to four passengers and drawn by a single horse,  this delicate little vehicle is painted dark green (will photograph black), has burgundy upholstery and brass trim.
It  is  the ideal  carriage for smaller bridal parties and venues where space is at a premium.


Rustic Country Style Wagon


If you’re looking for more casual, country style, why not hire our Rustic Wagon? Seating up to 12 passengers, it’s  the ideal vehicle for larger bridal parties and can handle more varied terrain with it’s pneumatic tyres. It can be decorated to your custom theme, or as seen in the following photo as standard. Driver and Assistant are dressed in neat black attire with cream cowboy hats, subtly matching the heritage colours of the wagon. 

Stately Horse Drawn Hearse

Available to book directly or through your preferred Funeral Director, this magnificent carriage has served the Western Australian public since 2000 and may be just the right addition to the funeral of a loved one.
A final special memory.

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